QR Code


Generates a QR code based on data.

Official Kendo UI QR Code documentation


  • Basic Example

This example demonstrates generating a basic QR Code.

<div data-bind="kendoQRCode: {
    value: selectedLink,
    errorCorrection: 'M',
    size: 160
<input data-bind="kendoDropDownList: { data: links, value: selectedLink, dataTextField: 'name', dataValueField: 'url' }" />
var ViewModel = function() {
    this.selectedLink = ko.observable("http://knockoutjs.com");
    this.links = ko.observableArray([
        { url: "http://knockoutjs.com", name: "Knockout" },
        { url: "http://kendo-labs.github.io/knockout-kendo/index.html", name: "KO-Kendo" },
        { url: "http://demos.telerik.com/kendo-ui/", name: "Kendo UI" }

                            ko.applyBindings(new ViewModel());

Live Options

The kendoQRCode.md binding accepts all of the options that can be specified for the widget. However, when bound against an observable, these live options will update the widget or respond to updates from interactions with the widget.

The value to use when generating the QR code


If specified, will populate an observable with a reference to the actual widget

Future Plans

Evaluate whether any individual options of the configuration objects should be watched specifically.